The One Tool That Will Keep You Consistent In Your Pinterest

//The One Tool That Will Keep You Consistent In Your Pinterest

The One Tool That Will Keep You Consistent In Your Pinterest

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Today, I thought I would cover the number one way to stay consistent in Pinterest.

So to start, consistency is the key in everything you do for your business especially in Pinterest because of Pinterest’s algorithm, the Smart Feed. The Smart Feed takes into account how consistent you are to whether it will show your pins to others which takes me into what you might be thinking:

“How can I be consistent on Pinterest, spend all day on it?”

No. You can use an automation tool called Tailwind to schedule out all your pins and other people’s pins too! With Tailwind auto scheduler, you only have to spend an hour! Isn’t that kool?!

Now, I know there are plenty of tools out there that can schedule pins for Pinterest and posts for Facebook and Instagram, but I have used some that have been not the easiest to use. I absolutely fell in love with Tailwind, and it’s easy to use scheduler especially it’s Google Chrome extension!

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On to what Tailwind is all about!

Tailwind is free up to 30 pins and lets you schedule to Facebook and Instagram, too! You can schedule all in one app! Now, that is definitely kool!

I have recently switched from HootSuite to Tailwind to schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Bonus Tip: I  do want to give heads up that you want to make a separate post picture for these 2 social media platforms because if you were to upload a pin there is a little square that pops up to show you what will be posted on Instagram. It was cutting off some of my picture that I wanted to schedule to Instagram.

Tailwind also has a paid feature to schedule more than 30 pins as well as paying for Tailwind’s Tribe feature. Tailwind’s tribe feature helps you to be able to schedule to your group boards.

If you never have used Tailwind and wonder how it will keep you consistent, it is by time slots of what they think the best time for your pins compared to your business.

So when you pull up your Tailwind account like you see mine below, you will see off to the right a bunch of boxes with dates and times.

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Not to overwhelm you, but once you start scheduling pins in Tailwind, the pins will fill those boxes in and schedule it for you at those specified times shown in those boxes. This automated way of scheduling makes it so you don’t have to go through Pinterest and do it manually. You can still do it manually, too!

You can also change the times and dates of when your pins get schedule by clicking on “Scheduled.” Then click the time showing at the top right hand corner of every box of pins showing. Tailwind has an awesome tutorial video that goes through how to use Tailwind for your Pinterest.

Tailwind also has a Google Chrome extension to allow you to schedule right from your website or from Pinterest pins, too!

Look top right of the picture below for the Tailwind logo in my web bar.

Lastly and this is if you blog, to stay consistent, blog consistently once a week. I use WordPress as my website builder which allows me to schedule out blog posts in advance, so you could actually write out all your blogs in one sitting and schedule them all out!

Once you have your blogs scheduled, you will be able to use Tailwind to schedule out your pins for those blogs the same day or week your blog goes live.

Note: Tailwind is free up to 30 pins but if you decide you love it, it’s $10 per month when you pay for a year in advance ($119), or $15 paid monthly.

Now, Tailwind has an awesome referral plan that if you refer someone to them, you get a $15 credit for each one. This is one way that I get my account for FREE. Want to try out Tailwind, click on the word below!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you anymore but it does help me to continue publishing helpful content. Thank you for your support!

Recap: If you want to stay consistent with Pinterest and have your pins shown more in the Pinterest Smart Feed, you will definitely want to utilize a scheduling tool like Tailwind. You can use the Tailwind Google Chrome extension to schedule multiple pins from any website and Pinterest. Tailwind will schedule out these pins for you to where you don’t have to manually save pins every day. Tailwind is also a one stop shop when it comes to scheduling posts for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram! Tailwind also lets you schedule pins to group boards, so that you are following all the rules of the groups boards that you have joined. Tailwind is the best scheduling tool when it comes to Pinterest!

This seemed like a lot of information and there is plenty more! But I hope this helps! If you want your Pinterest to bring the organic traffic you want but don’t have time, Contact Me, and I can see what I can do for you!

I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest for sure!

Questions: Has this article been helpful? Have questions about Tailwind, comment below, and I can sure answer them to the best knowledge that I can!

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