Best Pinterest Marketing Tools

//Best Pinterest Marketing Tools

Best Pinterest Marketing Tools

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Are you wanting to get into Pinterest but not sure what tools you need to run your Pinterest business account?

Or are you utilizing Pinterest already to market your business but not understanding why you aren’t getting the clicks you need to your website?

Well, you have to the right article to learn everything there is about the best Pinterest marketing tools to gain the organic traffic and email list that you want for your business or blogs.

Let’s jump right to it!

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#1 Best Pinterest Marketing Tool: Tailwind/Scheduling Tools

Scheduling pins is the best way to keep you consistent in Pinterest, but how do you stay consistent: scheduling tools like my favorite Tailwind!

Tailwind is the absolute favorite among many entrepreneurs who use Pinterest to grow their email list and the most exciting information about Tailwind is that Pinterest has approved this tool along with a few others.

You can even use Tailwind to schedule pins to your joined group boards! This makes sure you are keeping consistent and following group rules, so you don’t get the boot.

Tailwind also has Tribes that are like Pinterest group boards but faster to join to.

*Important note: Tailwind allows you to schedule up to 100 pins in a free trial but after that you will have to pay for more.

Cost: $9.99/month when you pay annually

Now, Tailwind has an awesome referral plan that if you refer someone to them, you get a $15 credit for each one. This is one way that I get my account for FREE. Want to try out Tailwind, click the button below!


#2 Best Pinterest Marketing Tool: Canva

I love Canva and have been using it for FREE since June 2018. I haven’t had to need to use the paid version just yet, but it does have the option for amazing features.

Canva has a whole bunch of free templates, or you can upload your own to use when making Facebook and Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, and many other graphic designing needs that you might need to do!

Just like many other marketing tools, Canva offers free learning tutorials to teach you how to use the many features of Canva.

Cost: FREE with paid features.

Don’t have Canva, click button below to get your account all set up.


#3 Best Pinterest Marketing Tool:

If you haven’t already, join some group boards. Joining group boards are a must as well as the best way to grow your email list of subscribers.

Group boards have thousands of members which helps get your content out to more of your ideal client/customer that are following those boards.

When joining a group board, follow their rules because some require you to repin daily at the same time requiring that your pins get repined at least 10 times. This means you will be managing these groups, and you may want to work on a few to start in order to be consistent in them.

How to find group boards: Join group boards through Search by topic but make sure it is relevant to your niche. Hover over the group descriptions on how to get added. If you don’t get added or hear from them, look at the other options they have for you to message them and also add how you will add value to the group or what value you can contribute to the group.

Check out the picture below!

Joining Pinterest Group Boards

Price: Free

To get started with Pingroupie click the button below.


#4 Best Pinterest Marketing Tool: Calendar

Why would a calendar be a Pinterest marketing tool?

Well, to keep you consistent and organized on Pinterest marketing, your business, and your life, of course!

One way your calendar can be the best Pinterest marketing tool is by giving you a natural timer in how you time block your day. Time blocking your calendar is a great way to stay on task and giving time to what is more important in your life and your business.

For example, you could time block an allotted 1-2 hours on a Monday to get all your blog content typed up and scheduled on your website. Then time block another hour for designing all your pins that belong to those posts. Then another amount of time scheduling those pins on Pinterest.

I know there is plenty of tasks we all have as work from home moms. What is yours?

Check back for my new blog on steps to setting up your calendar for time blocking!

Another way to use your calendar is as a content calendar. A content calendar will keep you organized and consistent with your ideal client/customer who is coming to your website.

A content calendar keeps consistent with your brand and engages your readers on what you are going to write next.

How does my readers get intrigued by what I am going to write next?

Your content calendar keeps track of your content and can save you from creating the same content within the same week or same month!

Here is a great article that I found about a content calendar:

time blocking

Recap: The 4 best Pinterest marketing tools for running your Pinterest business account include Tailwind, Canva, Pingroupie, and your very own calendar!

Pinterest can seem like a lot, but it takes time and patience just like everything else in building a business. Don’t give up; give it time and you will see more traffic! That’s why these tools will help you in Pinterest marketing for your business.

This seemed like a lot of information and there is plenty more! But I hope this helps! If you excited for your Pinterest to bring the organic traffic you want but don’t have the time, Contact Me, and I can see what I can do for you!

I would love and appreciate for you to follow me on Pinterest as I not only offer my pins but many other pins that help you in your Pinterest marketing strategy!

Questions: Has this article been helpful? Let me know how you used these one of these tools to increase your traffic to your website!

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