5 Ways to Tweak Your Pinterest Account to Get the Organic Traffic You Want!

//5 Ways to Tweak Your Pinterest Account to Get the Organic Traffic You Want!

5 Ways to Tweak Your Pinterest Account to Get the Organic Traffic You Want!

Struggling to get the followers you want on your Pinterest account?

In this post, I’m excited to give you the 5 ways that you can tweak your Pinterest account to get the viewers/followers you want!

But first some fun facts!

Fun Pinterest Facts

Here are 5 fun facts about PINTEREST that will make you want to grow your business through Pinterest (if you let it!).

>>Pinterest is a search engine not a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram!

>>Pinterest is technically free advertising for your website and your business if you know how to utilize it!

>>92% users intend to buy.

>> 88% users purchase what they pin.

>> 49% buy at least 5 times or more!!!

And to top it all off, while the lifespan of a social media post is measured in minutes, a pin can get 50% of its engagement even after 3 months. How freaking awesome is that?!

If you have been missing out on this opportunity in your business, it’s time you leverage Pinterest to the fullest.

Let’s tweak your Pinterest account!

Pinterest Tweak #1: Change That Pic to a Professional Profile Pic

First, many people don’t want to follow an account that doesn’t have a picture.

I know when I see those circles with the gray person inside I tend not to even look into them.

SO, get a pic in that circle!

If you are trying to grow your Pinterest business account, you definitely want to invest in a professional picture.

Unless your budget is low then you will want to use your phone camera and find a great background to start. Once you accumulate some income, you can reinvest in your business and get that picture done.

Pinterest won’t be the only place you will need that professional picture!

Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Tweak #2: Craft a Compelling Profile Description

Here you want to use Pinterest keywords in your bio for the client/customer to know what to expect from you and to learn what your business or you are about.

Bonus Tip: You can use Pinterest keywords in your name, but your phone allows you to add more to your name not the website!

It’s also a place where you want to attract your ideal client.

Think of this your “elevator pitch” or some people call it “power pitch.”

“I help (who: fill in the blank) (what: do/fix/design/etc.). Sign up for my (what ya going to give them and this is where you would want your freebie to build your email list as well get people to your website!).

Here is mine: I help crafty entrepreneurs manage their Pinterest account to get more devotional time in making their business soar above the clouds.

You only have 160 characters so keep it simple and to the point as well as keeping your ideal client/customers in mind!

You also want to give them a CTA: CALL TO ACTION!

This would be a link to your website or freebie; a way for them to connect with you!

Pinterest Tweak #3: Make Your Boards Compelling

Here is another area where you will want to go through all your boards on your business account and make sure they relate to your business, brand, and you.

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine not a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram.

If your board is more personal, you can make it secret to where it shows up below the boards that aren’t secret! Pretty cool to know that you can make your boards on Pinterest secret right?!

You will want to use Pinterest keywords that your ideal client/customer is searching for when it comes to what your business is all about.

When it comes to your business or brand, what is your ideal client/customer searching for?

Create those boards that go along with the keywords that your client/customer is searching when it comes to your business or your brand.

BONUS TIP: Now, I know what you are thinking: “How the heck do I figure out what my ideal clients/customers are searching for?” Type words that relate to your business in the Pinterest search bar and see what pops up. Now you know what your ideal client/customer is searching when it comes to your business. Pretty freaking awesome right?!

Pinterest Tweak #4: Redesign Your Pins

First of all, make sure you have enabled rich pins. Rich pins make your pins unique to your brand and you by separating your pins from the rest with things like adding your logo.

If you haven’t enabled rich pins, go here to the Rich Pin Validator to do this. You will need a blog to do this, too.

Next, check your Pinterest Analytics to see if there is a particular pin that your ideal client/customer is loving over the rest of your pins.

If there is a particular pin crushing it, it means your ideal client/customer likes that particular content, and you will want to make more of that content.

If not, make new ones with the same content as your original ones just to see what content your ideal client/customer likes more.

You want to make your pins alluring and attractive, so people will save and repin!

Give people a CTA in your pins description like asking them to repin and then give them something whether that is a freebie or your blog link to read a helpful article.

You will want your pins to link to valuable content on your website as well as give valuable CTAs.

You can also repurpose content from Facebook and Instagram for many of your pins because pins get repinned and seen for years. Facebook and Instagram posts just get shoved down the screen to where they might be seen or never seen unless someone actually goes to your profile and checks out all your posts!

Bonus Tip: Be consistent in your pinning!!!!

Pinterest Tweak #5: Group Boards

If you haven’t already, join some group boards.

Group boards have thousands of members which helps get your content out to more of your ideal client/customer that are following those boards.

When joining a group board, follow their rules because some require you to repin daily at the same time requiring that your pins get repined at least 10 times. This means you will be managing these groups, and you may want to work on a few to start in order to be consistent in them.

Bonus Tip: Join group boards through Pingroupie.com. Search by topic but make sure it is relevant to your niche. Hover over the group descriptions on how to get added. If you don’t get added or hear from them, look at the other options they have for you to message them and also add how you will add value to the group or what value you can contribute to the group.

Joining Pinterest Group Boards

Recap: The 5 ways to tweak up your Pinterest account to get the organic traffic you want involves uploading a professional profile picture; using Pinterest keywords in your profile name and description; creating compelling boards with keywords targeting your ideal client/customer, redesigning pins to make them attractive and alluring; and join group boards.

Pinterest can seem like a lot, but it takes time and patience just like everything else in building a business. Don’t give up; give it time and you will see more traffic!

This seemed like a lot of information and there is plenty more! But I hope this helps! If you want your Pinterest to bring the organic traffic you want but don’t have time, Contact Me, and I can see what I can do for you!

I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest for sure!

Questions: Has this article been helpful? Definitely try one and watch your Pinterest and Google analytics to see a difference in your traffic!

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