5 Reasons To Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

//5 Reasons To Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

5 Reasons To Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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“I don’t have time for Pinterest!”

“Pinterest is overwhelming me and taking me away from other areas I need to work on in my business!”

“I don’t know how to get this Pinterest to work for my product based company especially if it’s all about blogging! I am giving it up!” as you pull your hair from not understanding why you aren’t getting clicks to your website like you want.

Well don’t give up that easily!

If you are saying these statements to yourself, a Pinterest virtual assistant is what you need when it comes to managing your Pinterest business account.

“But how?” you ask.

In this blog, I am going to go over the 5 reasons why you will want to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant like me!

Reason #1: Pinterest Business Account Set Up

If you don’t have a Pinterest business account and want one, a Pinterest VA can help you set up your Pinterest business account up for you especially when it comes to claiming your website on your Pinterest business account. For some, the “claiming your website” part can get quite confusing and that’s where a Pinterest VA can have it all done for you!

If you already have a Pinterest business account, a Pinterest VA can look over your account to suggest how you could improve it.

OR you check out my other blog called 5 Ways to Tweak Up Your Pinterest Account to Get the Organic Traffic You Want! 

Reason #2: Create Compelling Boards

Here is another area where a Pinterest VA can go through all your boards on your business account and make sure they relate to your business, brand, and you.

They will make boards that are not related to your business secret and leave boards public when they relate to your business.

If you are new to Pinterest and not sure what happens to your secret boards, don’t worry they are still going to show but only on your home page of your business account to where you can only see them and not your ideal client.

A Pinterest VA will make sure your new and old boards use Pinterest keywords that your ideal client/customer is searching for when it comes to what your business is all about. They will also make sure your new and old boards go along with the keywords that your client/customer is searching when it comes to your business or your brand.

When it comes to your business or brand, what is your ideal client/customer searching for?

If this is something you don’t have time to research, your Pinterest VA can for you!

Check out in the pic below of how my board utilized the Pinterest keywords for my business and niche!

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Reason #3: Design Attractive Pins

First of all, a Pinterest VA will make sure you have enabled your rich pins for your account. Rich pins make your pins unique to your brand and you by separating your pins from the rest with things like adding your logo.

If you want to do it on your own, here is the link to enable rich pins.

Next, they will check your Pinterest Analytics to see if there is a particular pin that your ideal client/customer is loving over the rest of your pins. If there is a particular pin crushing it, it means your ideal client/customer likes that particular content, and a Pinterest VA will let you know. It will be up to you if you want to make more of that content that your ideal client/customer likes to keep them coming to your website.

If there isn’t any pins crushing it, a Pinterest VA will make new ones with the same content as your original ones just with a different designed pins. Most Pinterest VAs have their own batch of template pins that they know have worked for them and several clients and can help you in your business just by adding your logo, brand colors, and content.

They will make your pins alluring and attractive, so people will save and repin!

They will give people a call to action (CTA) in your pins description like asking them to repin and then give them something whether that is a freebie or your blog link to read a helpful article. This choice of a freebie will be up to you.

A Pinterest VA will make sure your pins link to valuable content on your website as well as give valuable CTAs.

A Pinterest VA can also repurpose content from old Facebook and Instagram posts for many of your pins because pins get repinned and seen for years. Facebook and Instagram posts just get shoved down the screen to where they might be seen or never seen unless someone actually goes to your profile and checks out all your posts!

Keywords are key when it comes to search engines which is where Pinterest VAs will make sure your keywords and hashtags are included in each pin and board descriptions.

A Pinterest VA will keep your Pinterest business account consistent which will save you time and brings you to the next reason why you want to hire a Pinterest VA!

Reason #4: Saves You Time by Managing Your Pinterest Account For You

Just like any other virtual assistant would save you time so would a Pinterest VA but more specifically in the niche of Pinterest.

If you haven’t already done so, they will join you to some group boards.

Group boards have thousands of members which helps get your content out to more of your ideal client/customer that are following those boards.

When joining a group board, a Pinterest VA will make sure your Pinterest account is following their rules because some require you to repin daily at the same time requiring that your pins get repined at least 10 times. This means they will be managing these groups and keeping you consistent in your pinning.

They will keep your account consistent in a way that it pins while you sleep! This is through the best automation tool called Tailwind.

Tailwind not only schedules pins for your Pinterest business account, but also schedules posts for scheduling posts on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram! Tailwind also has scheduling pins and posts in the same place where you manage your group boards that you have joined. Tailwind makes it easier to stay consistent at the same time manage group boards!

I absolutely love Tailwind because it also has an easy Google Chrome extension that lets you schedule posts right from your website or another website!

Reason #5: Pinterest Keyword & Hashtag Experts

Last and the key to your Pinterest business account is your keywords. Pinterest VAs will know how to utilize Pinterest search bar to find the best keywords for your business and niche. We research the keywords to see what your ideal client is searching for when it comes to your business.

Once they have a list of keywords, a Pinterest VA will use them in new boards and pins as well as update your old ones.

Hashtags end up being your keywords and put your pins to the top of Pinterest’s Smart Feed once the hashtags start getting used in your boards and pins. Pinterest VAs will make sure these are utilized in your boards and pins.

Check out below how I use hashtags for my business!

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Recap: These reasons are the main areas where a Pinterest VA can help and focus on when it comes to your Pinterest business account. Pinterest can seem like a lot of work and that is where a Pinterest virtual assistant can save you tons of stress and time.

I hope these reason help you decide to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant for your Pinterest business account! If you want your Pinterest to bring the organic traffic you want but don’t have time, Contact Me, and I can see what I can do for you!

I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest for sure!

Questions: Has this article been helpful? Are you going to hire a Pinterest VA for your business?

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